Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First weigh-in since jumping back in with both feet...

... and it was not motivating. I lost 0.4; not even half a pound! I figured my first week totally on board would at least net me some water weight loss... LOL 

>>> To catch you up... (over 6 months since a blog!)... I had gotten very slack with my eating, and I finally got the nerve to step on the scale last Wednesday. It was not good. So I recommitted and regrouped and started tracking food again. <<<

I have some DOMS and PMS (sorry guys!) right now, so my head knows that it is very likely I'm retaining water. I drink water like a fish (do fish actually *drink* water?), so I know my fluid intake is good. But seeing today's number was disappointing in my heart. 
I have some NSVs (non-scale victories... old WW lingo) that I am clinging to until the scale catches up. I can tell my clothes are not as snug as last week. I'm feeling really strong with my workouts. 
I know I am doing all the right things now that I'm tracking my food. It is an eye-opening experience compared to how I was eating two weeks ago without tracking. 
I still have my eye on the goal of 5 pounds gone by February. I have a whole month, and I know I will get it done! 
Press on, my friends! That's what I'm going to do. =)

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