Thursday, January 27, 2011

Burn out?

I'm struggling lately with being tired all the time. Some of it is work stress and a personal issue, but after reading this article on SparkPeople, maybe it is at least partially from overtraining. I want to try taking a few days off, but it scares me to death that it will cause me to gain back some weight or I will totally lose motivation and quit working out all together. I have an upcoming annual physical, so I will definitely talk to my doctor about it to rule out any physiological problems.

In the meantime I think I should "play it by ear" and let my body be my guide. If I am truly tired, I will rest or do something short and light.

Edit: Let me add that I do already take rest days... always have. I rest at least one day each week and sometimes two. It just seems lately that might not be enough.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Back on 2010 and Forward to 2011

2010 was a monumental year for me. I finally realized my fitness goals and have been maintaining them for three months. I could not have reached my goals without the support of the love of my life, Dave. He has been a rock encouraging me and making me feel beautiful every step of the way. He accommodates my workout schedule and menu adjustments. I get lots of positive feedback from him, and I love him for it.

December's results: 

I maintained my weight through the end of the year! 
I missed my workout days number by 2. It was a busy month! 
I worked out for over 1,000 minutes. 
I missed my water challenge a couple of days. 
I am pretty sure I averaged 6 freggies a day. 

January goals: 

Keep maintaining my goal weight range. 
At least 1,000 fitness minutes. I am moving from the number of days to the number of total minutes. 
I'm in another 30-day water challenge again. I WILL meet the challenge this month! 
I will average at least 6 freggies a day. 

Here's to a happy and healthy 2011!