Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In eleven months and three days, I have realized my weight banishment goal. You will note I said "banishment," not "loss." I do not intend to find the banished 86.6 pounds ever.

I will not say it's been easy, but it was not as hard as I thought it would be given my age and moderate yo-yo'ing over the years. I look better, I feel better and I am at a "healthy" BMI for the first time in decades. I definitely feel healthy and fit. I still have some areas to tone up, but I'm very happy with myself. This is a process, and although I'm at the finish line for the number on the scale, I have to keep working to stay there. I WILL maintain this weight this time. I am determined to keep doing what I did to get here for the rest of my life.

I have a great support system, both in real life and online. You have been and will continue to be instrumental in my success. Thank you all!