Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Retrospective and September Goals

August was a very good month in most respects. Dave and I had a mini-vacation, and I am proud to say I ate with dignity on it. That was really my only out-of-the-ordinary challenge food-wise. I committed to being active while on vacation too, and was proud of the miles I walked. That was not my usual method of working out, so it was a nice change. Mixing things up is not a bad thing!

Here are my stats for August:
I lost 9.2 pounds, which is pretty amazing since I'm getting so close to goal. I don't expect a repeat in September.
I worked out 26 out of 31 days.
I worked out for a total of 1,277 minutes.
I burned 9,508 calories.
I drank at least 8 cups of water 30 out of 31 days.
I ate at least 5 freggies every day.

Now for what I need to get done in September:
I would love to get to my "healthy" BMI number. That involves a loss of about 4 pounds. I will do my best, but not stress if I miss that one. I will get it eventually.
I plan to work out at least 25 days.
I plan to try to increase my minutes to over 1,300. I've not done that since I started this journey.
I don't have a calories burned goal, because that is totally unpredictable with my lower weight and higher level of fitness. I do plan to keep up or exceed my current levels of intensity with my workouts and continue to increase the weights when it gets too easy to complete my reps.
I am in a 60 @ 60 Challenge. Drink at least 60 oz. of water for 60 days. The original challenge was for 60% of your body weight in ounces, which would be around 11 cups for me. I am going to try to exceed the 60 oz. and go for the 60%.
I plan to eat at least 5 freggies every day at a MINIMUM and try to average 6 or better.

I think my September goals are challenging and attainable. They will keep me focused on the next-to-last leg of the journey (goal), and the last leg (maintaining for life).

I'll report back on October 1st!

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