Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slowing Weight Loss

Today is my last official weigh-in for July. Compared with previous months' averages of 7-8 pounds, July came in slower at -4.8.

Factors affecting the rate:

-Pushing harder with heavier weights has caused muscle soreness which could result in water retention.
-The less I have to lose (I'm less than 15 pounds from my goal), the slower it can be.
-I'm eating roughly the same calories (the minimum recommended range) as I have been for months, so with my decreasing weight, I get a lower calorie differential.
-As I lose weight, the same workouts burn less calories.

Things I'm doing to keep going:

-Focusing on quality food for the calories I consume.
-Trying to increase the intensity of my workouts. I am pretty maxed out on the amount of time I spend working out.
-Taking measurements for additional feedback vs. just the scale.

I view these slower weeks as practice for maintenance. I know as long as I keep doing the right things, I will eventually get to goal and stay there! I know that no matter what the number on the scale, I am fitter and healthier than I have been for years. I don't want that to change. I won't allow it!

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  1. 15 is so close! I am so happy for you and your accomplishments! I think it is an excellent idea to view slower weeks as maintainence. Good to prepare yourself for it! :)