Saturday, July 24, 2010

I defeated the hungry monster

On Thursday, I was hungry all day long. I was still a little tired, so I took my second consecutive rest day, first time I'd done that in months. While getting dinner together, I just kept nibbling. At least it was somewhat good stuff and not junk, but I was grazing nonetheless. I finally decided after still being hungry after dinner, I would just take off the day from tracking and eat to satisfaction. I had some yummy Trader Joe's dark chocolate almonds and some multigrain crackers. I figured I was over my ranges, but once in a while, that is entirely okay.

I broke down and tracked it all the next morning. To my surprise, I came out within my ranges. I feel like this was good practice for the final leg of my journey: Maintenance. I was able to eat mindfully and to satisfaction, not stuffed.

I didn't let my lack of tracking lead to a binge or mindless eating. For that, I'm very proud of myself!

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