Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slowing Weight Loss

Today is my last official weigh-in for July. Compared with previous months' averages of 7-8 pounds, July came in slower at -4.8.

Factors affecting the rate:

-Pushing harder with heavier weights has caused muscle soreness which could result in water retention.
-The less I have to lose (I'm less than 15 pounds from my goal), the slower it can be.
-I'm eating roughly the same calories (the minimum recommended range) as I have been for months, so with my decreasing weight, I get a lower calorie differential.
-As I lose weight, the same workouts burn less calories.

Things I'm doing to keep going:

-Focusing on quality food for the calories I consume.
-Trying to increase the intensity of my workouts. I am pretty maxed out on the amount of time I spend working out.
-Taking measurements for additional feedback vs. just the scale.

I view these slower weeks as practice for maintenance. I know as long as I keep doing the right things, I will eventually get to goal and stay there! I know that no matter what the number on the scale, I am fitter and healthier than I have been for years. I don't want that to change. I won't allow it!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I defeated the hungry monster

On Thursday, I was hungry all day long. I was still a little tired, so I took my second consecutive rest day, first time I'd done that in months. While getting dinner together, I just kept nibbling. At least it was somewhat good stuff and not junk, but I was grazing nonetheless. I finally decided after still being hungry after dinner, I would just take off the day from tracking and eat to satisfaction. I had some yummy Trader Joe's dark chocolate almonds and some multigrain crackers. I figured I was over my ranges, but once in a while, that is entirely okay.

I broke down and tracked it all the next morning. To my surprise, I came out within my ranges. I feel like this was good practice for the final leg of my journey: Maintenance. I was able to eat mindfully and to satisfaction, not stuffed.

I didn't let my lack of tracking lead to a binge or mindless eating. For that, I'm very proud of myself!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Please indulge me for a non-weight loss-related entry

I don't show Dave enough how much I love him and how happy he makes me. So I'm telling him and the world (or my half-dozen followers) that he rocks my world! And I am going to work on showing him every single day.

Baby, you are my lover, my best friend, my confidant, my partner. You mean everything to me, and I love you so much!

Friday, July 16, 2010

C'mon Football!

Dave and I are sorely missing football. UT's first game is Sept. 4th and WF's first one is Sept. 11. We cannot WAIT.

Unfortunately we won't be able to watch much of the first part of the season together. Dave's leaving mid-Sept. for 6 weeks for Luthier school. They don't air much UT, WF or Carolina Panthers football down in Atlanta..LOL. Hopefully he can watch online, but he'll be tied up in classes on Saturdays.

Panthers training camp will gearing up soon. I'm hoping we can hit FanFest on Aug. 7th with Shea.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RIP, Old Red

What a freaky night last night turned out to be. I'm 40 miles into my 60 mile commute home when Dave calls and tells me to exit the interstate. His dad was doing a pastoral visit at the hospital. He's been using Dave's truck for a couple of weeks. While he was inside the hospital, the truck caught fire! It's completely destroyed, and it damaged the vehicles around it. Luckily no one was hurt. We are also fortunate that it didn't happen while Dave's dad was driving.

So we hung around while they took information and got the truck towed out of there, then I took Dave's dad home. I finally made it home around 9 pm. Talk about a long day!

Dave had dinner started for me and thanked me profusely for handling things. It's nice to be appreciated!

p.s. Here is a link to a news story about the incident:

Blaze shuts down deck

Saturday, July 3, 2010

June Retrospective and July Goals

Sorry this is a little late. I didn't formally set any goals for June other than to be out of the 160's. I hit that goal on June 23rd. Woot!

Other June stats:
I lost 9 pounds.
I worked out 25 days for 1,216 minutes and burned 8,836 calories. Average workout length was 49 minutes.
I drank at least 8 cups of water every day.
I ate at least 5 freggies evey day.

Goals for July:
I want to be out of the 150's by the end of June.
I will work out 5-6 days a week for an average of at least 45 minutes.
I will be mindful of the intensity of my workouts. I will not just "go through the motions," instead, I will push myself and challenge my body.
I will eat within my calorie range at least 6 days a week.
I will drink 8+ cups of water each day.
I will eat 5+ freggies each day.

I can and WILL do this!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I really hate failure: My P90X venture ends (for now). Back to The FIRM.

I was so pumped up about P90X. I thought, "Wow, this will take working out to the next level for me." I have worked out with it 5 times now, doing 4 different DVDs. I am not impressed, and I am extremely frustrated. I don't think this is the program for me. I suppose I am in the minority here, but I do not enjoy it in any way. I could live with not enjoying it if I felt it was actually doing something for me. I am doing longer workouts and getting lower calorie burns. I know it's not all about the burn, but with The FIRM, I was getting my HR up on cardio and strength. I don't even get a good burn on P90X cardio workouts. I feel like I'm "Bring"ing 100%, but not getting the payoff. Maybe I'm just fooling myself that I'm pushing as hard as I can, but I have never been one to slack on working out. I try to give everything I've got every time I lace up the sneakers. I don't want to waste time by "phoning it in."

Maybe I haven't given it enough time yet, but I don't want to invest any more time in it now. I have not given up on it completely. I will use some of the workouts on weekends when I have more time. And down the road, I may jump in with both feet again. But for right now, I have to give up on the program.

That pains me, but I know my body and to what it responds.