Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Retrospective

April was a very stressful month at work, I was sick for a few days, and we took a weekend trip out of town. Those are all very challenging to eating right and keeping my workout schedule.

I am proud to say despite the challenges, I turned in a pretty good month. Here's the down-and-dirty:

I ate within my calorie range 27 out of 30 days.
I worked out 24 out of 30 days for a total of 1,174 minutes.
My average workout length was 49 minutes.
I burned 9,348 calories.
I drank at least 8 cups of water and 5 freggies every day.
I got 7 hours of sleep about 80% of the month.
I lost 8.8 pounds.

The funny thing is, this is becoming kind of second-nature. It's not really hard to meet my goals. I am to the point now that this healthy-eating, fit lifestyle is *gasp* a habit!

I have to thank the people in my life whose support is integral to my success. First of all, my fabulous husband. Without him, I couldn't do it. I also thank my SparkFriends, especially my Stand Up and Lose It! teammates. They are with me, good, bad or ugly.

I'm looking forward to a fantastic May, repeating or exceeding all my accomplishments for April.

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