Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Progress, and almost halfway there!

At today's weigh in, I am down 2.6 for the week. That brings my 2010 total to 17.6 and my grand total to 37.6. I am feeling pretty good about myself, even though I'm not quite halfway to my ultimate goal yet.

I have to say again that my biggest motivator is Dave. He sees me every day, so gradual changes tend not to be as visible. But last night when I got home, it was like a light bulb had gone off. He even told me my "butt is righteous." I don't think I've ever been told that before!

I love him with all my heart, and I know he loves me no matter what. It spurs me on when he reacts so positively and vocally to what I'm doing. He supports me in every way and that means the world to me.

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