Thursday, February 18, 2010

Enjoyable Evening Out

Dave and I decided to try a new Italian place in the neighborhood last night. I made him wait until after Wednesday WI... LOL

It was really good. I had 2 slices of a 12" pizza which was cut into 8 pieces and a Bud Light. As we were having fun and talking, we got off on a subject that kind of depressed me. I have some issues with my son, and although I try not to dwell on it, sometimes it gets to me and makes me sad. Dave realized this and suggested we go check out the wine shop across the street. We both got a glass of wine at the bar and talked and laughed and snuggled... just had a great time. They have food too, so we got an appetizer cheese board to take home for watching American Idol.

When we got home, I decided to give myself the day off from tracking; something I hadn't done for months. I also moved my rest day to yesterday instead of today, because it was late. I enjoyed some cheese, crackers, olives and grapes. I was completely worn out from the day, so I went to bed after Idol feeling happy and satisfied.

This morning, I could stand looking at my partially-completed tracker, so I decided to log last night as best I could. To my surprise, I was only 113 over on calories. I tried to "round up" on the food that I couldn't accurately track, so I feel that was pretty darn good.

The point to all of this is that even though I gave myself a pass yesterday, I still didn't go overboard. It's now in my subconscious to make good choices and exercise portion control. Also, that I can relax and have an enjoyable evening without feeling guilty or deprived.

This is a plan for life, and I can do this!

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