Monday, January 4, 2010


Ugh, I am up 1.4 pounds today.

Last week I weighed on a different scale because I couldn't go to my regular meeting. I was floored with a 3.2 loss. I ate within points, but there was a lot of alcohol and sodium involved. I drank tons of water on Sunday and just ate my daily points.

Fast forward to this week. Again, I ate within points, there was *some* alcohol and sodium. Also again, I drank my water and just ate dailies yesterday.

The only thing done differently was that I worked out a little more and a little harder. I did a new workout on Saturday that made me sore. I hope that water retention from that and adjusting from last week's fluke weigh in accounts for this week's gain.

I know in my head all the factors that affect weight at a given point in time, but it still stinks!

Regardless, I'm not quitting. =)

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