Monday, January 18, 2010

Been neglecting the blog...

My dear father-in-law mentioned my blog on Saturday, and I realized that I had neglected it for a couple of weeks. After my last post, I regrouped and made a little change. I started participating in SparkPeople.

I am really enjoying it. I decided to drop Weight Watchers for it, because it's totally free. I was a little apprehensive at first, because WW is so familiar to me. However, I am totally sold on SP now. Their tracking and reporting is extensive, and they have a great community with teams. I have joined several teams, but have settled in with one as my "go-to" team for support and motivation.

So after my disappointment, which I know was just a blip, I have since lost 4.6!

I have been tracking my workouts on a spreadsheet, so they haven't been listed here, but I will bring my monthly totals up to date:

12 workouts totaling 675 minutes and 5,378 calories burned.

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