Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fitness Journal

We had a great time at the Panthers game, even though they lost. I had a few beers and a hotdog which wasn't too bad of a choice.

We went out for pizza tonight. I held at one piece with a nice salad and a couple of Peroni's. I'm on track and on plan. =)

Here's a catch-up of my workouts for yesterday and today:

11/20/09 - Workout: FIRM EC (cardio)
~Length: 30 min
~Avg HR: 135
~Max HR: 149
~Target Zone: 29 min
~Calories: 237

11/21/09 - Workout: FIRM TBSM (cardio+sculpt)
~Length: 66 min
~Avg HR: 124
~Max HR: 141
~Target Zone: 54 min
~Calories: 440

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