Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MD - Week 1 done, Week 2 ensues

Well, week 1 was indeed successful. Funny how if you do what you are supposed to, it works!

The nice side effect to this is that both Dave and I are eating healthier.

I'm wondering why the heck I started this right as the big holiday season approaches! The upside is I will hopefully hit the New Year with less pounds while most people start it with more. That's the plan, anyway.

I am EXTREMELY sore from the workout on Sunday. Got to do something tonight to keep on track and work out some of the soreness. Dave was quite amused at me shuffling around last night; he laughed at my pain! Not in a bad way, though... he understands pain better than anyone I know.

I have to say again, he is being so supportive and encouraging, and I love him for it!

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